About us

Who are we?

FITIMPROVE is a website based on the idea that there is too much (useless) information about dieting and training. In addition, many nonsense products and supplements are sold by so-called “fitness gurus” on social media. The consequence of this abundance of (useless) information, products and supplements is that people, especially beginning athletes, can hardly distinguish between what is good and what is not.
That is where we, with more than 10 years of experience regarding to dieting and training, step in.

Our mission.

Our mission therefore is to create a well-organized platform where all important information can be found regarding to dieting, training and supplements, and where you can create your own diet- and training plan. This means that you can find all the tools on our website to help you calculate your macronutrient needs, tools to help you with your progress to your goals and tools to compile your own workout plans.
At first all this may seem a bit complicated, that is why we will provide the tools with extensive step-by-step plans and we are also always available for questions and comments.

What can you expect from us?

To summarize, everything you need to achieve your desired fitness goals can be found on this website. This means that, as stated earlier, we will provide the necessary tools with which you can put together your own nutrition- and training plans.
Once registered on FITIMPROVE, you’ll get access to your own personal dashboard which will include:
Two macronutrient calculators, both with different functions,
An extensive weight tracker to track your bodyweight, macro’s, etc.,
A workout generator where you can choose between different workout routines to create your own workout plans,
A complete list of exercises that you can do, categorized by muscle group,
A work weight calculator to calculate your rep maxes,
And more to come!

In addition, there will be a lot of free information regarding to training, dieting & nutrition, supplements, training gear, powerlifting, and more!

Why choose us?

The idea of FITIMPROVE is that you will do everything yourself, with a little help of all the information and tools that we provide. We believe that this provides more motivation because not everything is spoon-fed like a regular personal trainer does. Nothing wrong with a personal trainer doing that, but that way you will learn nothing yourself and will always stay dependent on this person.

Our goal is to teach our customers everything about training & dieting themselves so they can become their own personal trainer.

In addition, good service is our top priority. We will always be available for questions, comments and suggestions by using the contact form which can be found here. After the contact form has been sent, we will respond as soon as possible.

How does it work?

To get full access to all information and tools available on the website, and 24/7 support for questions and comments, we’re charging a small fee which comes in a monthly or annual payment plan. This is a fixed amount of €9,95 (≈$11) per month or €99,95 (≈$112) per year including VAT and will be automatically debited by means of a membership that can be found here. After payment, an account is automatically created with which you have full access to the website. This membership can be canceled on a monthly or yearly basis so you will not be tied to anything.

Interested? Start working on a better version of yourself today!

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