Supplements Ruud Kappelhof Founder FITIMPROVE Supplements can be an important addition to your daily diet. However, nowadays there are dozens, perhaps hundreds of different types of supplements on the market. As a result of this (beginner) athletes often cannot tell which one can be benficial and which one isn’t. In this article, we will try …

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MyFitnessPal App introduction

MyFitnessPal App introduction Ruud Kappelhof Founder FITIMPROVE After you have calculated and written down your macronutrients, you can start with flexible dieting. An important part of this is the ability to actually track your macronutrients. This means that you keep track of how many macronutrients you have consumed daily and how much you have left.Fortunately, …

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The basics of Flexible Dieting

The basics of Flexible Dieting Ruud Kappelhof Founder FITIMPROVE FITIMPROVE believes in the principles and effectiveness of flexible dieting. In short, the idea behind flexible dieting is that someone can achieve their desired physique by eating what he or she wants as long as it fits within their macronutrients, and is therefore not tied to …

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